About Us

Welcome to Mobiloader® the brand name of Mill Industries Ltd, based in Rugby we have offices, workshops and a demonstration showroom and specialise in developing innovative products for the mobility sector.

Our CEO Roy McCarthy, a scooter user himself, fully aware of the problems that he and other scooter users face when needing to travel with their scooter on some form of transport.

He says that “The idea for our products came from watching people struggling to dismantle their scooters or dangle them on hoists to put them in their boot and my own disappointment of not being able to lift the folding scooters available on the market despite them being advertised as lightweight and easily lifted into the boot 30Kg plus is not lightweight.”

From this point, our company philosophy was clear and our goal set.

Provide scooters and the means of taking them with you wherever you go and that’s what we do