Open up a whole new lifestyle with a scooter that goes in the boot

Open up a whole new lifestyle with a scooter that goes in the boot

Many consider a mobility scooter as something reserved for the elderly to help them get about, however, mobility problems are not exclusively reserved for the older generation. Younger people have mobility issues that also affect their day to day living and a folding scooter could open up a whole new lifestyle for you to enjoy.

This month’s blog looks at the advantages of owning a folding or boot scooter as they are  sometimes called and although they are classified as a medical device they are also a lifestyle choice and If you drive or have access to a car and want to go travelling this type of scooter is definitely worth investigating

Ask yourself are you finding your day to day mobility becoming a problem?

Can you walk for short distances but find standing for long periods becoming tiring and painful?

Like to go and visit new places with friends but are the one left sitting on a bench just waiting?

Well if you recognise yourself in any of the above and have been reluctant to address these issues read on. 

Are you hesitating from moving forward because of the dated image created by some of the older and larger models out there? This may have been true a few years ago but today’s folding scooters are a great innovation using advanced technology in their construction and modern creative design.

They are no longer the ugly ducklings they used to be the best of them are trendy, stylish and definitely something to be seen on.  Now is the time to take a good  look there are some cracking new models out there.

1) Best uses

Because of their size boot scooter are perfect for getting around shopping centres, leisure facilities, exhibitions or maybe visiting local beauty spots where there are paths and walkways for you to enjoy the outdoors. You can manoeuvre easily in crowded areas without causing difficulties for others or when shopping, can browse around the aisles without bumping into displays and they fit easily into lifts.

Travelling to work in your car is fine but if you must walk some distance from the car park or between departments throughout the day a folding scooter could make things so must easier.

Perhaps you have a caravan or motorhome if so, just imagine being able to accommodate your scooter on board because when space is at a premium it takes up no more than a small suitcase. 

An ideal companion when cruising and it is now possible to travel with your scooter when flying, provided the battery is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

2) Convenience

Storing it in the boot means it is ready to use any time you need it and if it has an off-board charger the battery is the only thing you need to remove. There’s no longer the need to buy a scooter that must be dismantled folding scooters can be ready to go under a few seconds

3) Battery Range

The batteries are generally smaller and lighter, and many are now supplied with a powerful lithium-ion type that can provide a range from 8-10 miles on one charge, more than adequate for short journeys. Some can accommodate additional batteries for longer duration

4) Loading

Will fit almost any boot so you should not need to change your car just to accommodate one, however, pay attention to the weight and check you or your helper can lift easily. Weights can vary from 24kg to 32kg. If this is too much to lift, there are lifting devises that can be fitted.

5) Finding out more  

Remember selecting the right scooter means matching your needs along with your capabilities and lifestyle and although there are many advantages there may be some areas you may need to compromise. To see if this type of scooter is for youVisit a reputable supplier – British Healthcare Trade Association member (BHTA) look for the logo  

Spend time checking out the controls and taking a test drive to ensure you and the scooter are compatible.  Discuss thoroughly before you buy   

Buying online may be quick and easy however it cannot compare with a hands-on assessment and could lead to a disappointment.

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