One shirt = 7 Face Masks

One shirt = 7 Face Masks



This easy to make mask is made from a cotton shirt and includes a pocket to add an additional non-woven liner and a nose clip. Wash and iron the shirt and cut up into its various pieces one back, two sides and two sleeves.

Using a template or cutting mat cut out as many pieces 15½ by 7½ ( 39 x 19 cm ) . I was able to cut seven pieces, three from the back, one from each side and one from each sleeve.

Overlock the short sides and with right sides together stitch 2” at each end leaving the remaining seam stitched. Press seam flat and then top stitch each side

This forms the opening for an additional liner

Turn to the right side and measure ¾ inch from the top to position the opening and press. Stich ¼ from the top this will enable the nose grip to be housed.

The nose grip can be made from various materials I had some fine wire so using 12” bent into 3 lengths and then encased in celotape. Pipe cleaners can also be used as well as food ties.  When wearing the mask the wire can be bent around the nose for greater protection.

Slide into place and put a few stiches in to hold either side. Sew ¼ around the other 3 sides

To make the pleats

With right side facing measure 1½ from the top and place a pin at each end. Make a pleat in the fabric  ¾” wide ,  make two further pleats same size  pining each one facing downwards  .You should aim for your mask to be 3¾ wide however don’t worry if it’s just over. The thickness of the material can make a small difference. Stitch the pleats down on both sides.

Nearly done Just need to add the side pieces

Cut out two pieces 5” by 2½  for each mask, from your remaining shirt. ( cutting 5” will give you slightly wider than you need but will give you some flexibility If your mask works out slightly wider that the 3¾ aiming for )    Overlock the 2½ “ sides. 

Place right sides together so you have an equal length overlapping fold the overlapping piece under and stich in place  with ⅜ seam then turn out  (This makes a neater finish).  The picture shows it turned out after stitching.   

Fold side piece over twice and top stich to form a channel for the elastic.

Measure two lengths of elastic (this may vary slightly) I cut two lengths 9” long . Thread through and join the ends together with a few stiches.