Buying a Mobility Scooter

buying a mobility scooter 

Buying a mobility scooter for the first time can seem a bit daunting. There are numerous shapes and sizes to choose from as well as understanding the different classifications. However, the right scooter for you very much depends on your needs and the scooter’s capabilities but there is no doubt that having a mobility scooter will :-

  • Prolong independence – especially if you have given up driving your car 
  • Help to reduce the feeling of isolation so you can take part in local activities
  • Enjoy the great outdoors visiting local parks and other amenities

Recent innovations in product design and materials now mean it is now possible to travel with a scooter almost anywhere in the world.

 Scooter Classifications

Class 2  

This classification covers a wide range of scooters. Some in this group are referred to as pavement scooters and are commonly used on smooth flat surfaces. Others gaining in popularity, due to lighter lithium batteries, are called boot scooters. These can be either folded or dismantled to fit into the boot of your car and used when you have reached your destination, often indoors at a shopping centre.  

Other class 2 types are best described as medium sized scooters

  • Sturdier in construction with larger wheels and seating
  • Popular with owners who need to use their scooter on a daily basis. 
  • Mainly used outdoors and capable of negotiating rougher terrain, inclines and kerbs.   

In general 

  • Speeds are limited to  4 mph (6.44km/hour) when on pavements 
  • Although called pavement scooters roads can be crossed where no pavement exists such as at traffic lights  
  • You do not need a licence or register the scooter with DVLC
Here at Mobiloader we sell two very different types of class 2 scooters  

The Relync R1 is the most advanced boot scooter on the market. 

  • Elegant and modern styling
  • Electromagnetic and regenerative breaking system
  • Manoeuvres easily in busy shopping area 
  • Effortlessly unfolds in 6 seconds by pressing 1 button 
  • Easily lifted into and stored in the boot of a car
  • Its lithium-ion battery meets the strict aviation regulations when flying 

The Liberator is  a medium sized scooter with many features only found on larger class 3 models

  •  Full suspension both front and rear
  • Comfortable armchair seating with swivel chair 
  • 10 inch wheels that easily handle most surfaces and kerbs
  • Adjustable tiller for easy driving 
  • Delta steering wheel 

 The liberator can also be supplied with our patent pending loading system which can for many users provide the best of both worlds. A medium sized scooter that does not need to be dismantled yet can be loaded into a car boot. (Boot sizes vary so contact us to see if this is the solution for you)

 Weight restrictions

For safety reasons scooter manufacturers will always state the maximum user weight . Exceeding this weight could make the scooter unstable and can affect the warranty

  • The R1 has a user weight limit of 18st 
  • The Liberator has a user weight limit of 20st 


If indoor space is limited the R1 

  • Can be manoeuvred  easily through doorways 
  • Takes up less room than a small suitcase
  • When in trolley mode is just 11 inches wide so can be stored in a cupboard  
  • Is a great asset when cruising as cabin space is often a problem 

Class 3 Scooters

These are primarily designed to be used outdoors and are much larger in size than class 2  scooters.  They come with features including lights and indicators so can be used legally on the roads. They can travel up to 8mph so need to be registered with DVLC. If being used on pavements the speed must be reduced to 4mph

 Although road legal they cannot be used on motorways, in bus lanes (when in operation) or in “cycles only” cycle lanes. They should not be used on dual carriageways which have a speed limit of over 50 mph.

As we specialise in class 2 scooters we do not stock class 3 types however, we will be happy to refer you to another BHTA dealer who can assist