Mobilty Scooters in Rugby

We are UK Distributor for the award winning Relync R1 Mobility scooter

If you find your day to day mobility becoming a problem and are considering whether a mobility scooter is right for you but the dated image of many products is preventing you from making that step towards a more enjoyable lifestyle then its time to take a good look at the Relync R1. An amazing,  stylish, light weight mobility scooters with a great battery life. The R1 is hard wearing and affordable and is the perfect partner to use at home, or when travelling abroad. As a fully tested pavement scooter shopping and days out couldn’t be easier and when you’ve finished just pop it back in your boot. 

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R1 Mobility Scooter Folded Fully.

award winning

The Relync R1 Mobility scooter was awarded the 2018 CES innovation award
It weighs in at just 26 kg including the battery and it folds effortlessly in less than 6 seconds.

Measures just 56 cm high that’s the same size as most suitcases. Available in high gloss black and cherry red. Can travel up to 8 miles on a full charge. Supplied with a lithium-ion battery meeting strict air travel regulations.

R1 Mobility Scooter folded with handle


The Relync R1 is a revolutionary new folding mobility scooter that utilises the most advanced technology giving you improved safety, comfort and convenience. The R1 is both stylish and fashionable and is transforming the lives of mobility users around the world


The tiller houses a modern LCD screen that displays your speed, the battery status and the number of kilometres driven.  There is also a USB port if you need to charge your phone and the day light running lights means you can be seen.
The large LED headlights and the oval-shaped rear lamp, lets you drive safely during twilight and in the dark.

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"Best thing I ever did getting a Relync R1, the battery life is great and I can get it in the boot of my car very easily. I would happily recommend this mobility scooter to anyone"
Judy Askey